October 21


Advantages of in-line printing

Although we live in the digital era, we cannot deny that there are some aspects that seem to be stuck in the past. Today, we listen to music on the Internet, we buy what we need through our mobile devices and more and more people consume streaming videos.

However, despite all these changes we have experienced on a daily basis, we continue to change to physical printers.

The truth is that since Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1440, many things have changed, which has allowed a great cultural and social development. It is enough to look around us to realize that we are surrounded by the press.

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From the billboards we see on the street to the books we read to the business cards. Little by little, the printing industry is also catching up with the times. Traditional printers have become companies that offer high-quality manufacturing services. The advantages of online printing over traditional printing are considerable. Let’s take a closer look at what they are.



Online printing allows us to get what we need in less time. And although printing times are the same, thanks to this we can avoid phone calls or cumbersome visits to the printer to place the order. Now we can have all the information we need in minutes through the Internet, place an order in a short time and have it with us in a few days.

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File check

Doing everything online saves you a lot of time reviewing files. Online printing saves us up to 1 or 2 business days in the whole process. In addition, we can review the files completely free of charge, which would be much more complicated if we were to order from a traditional company.



The prices of online printers are always listed on the company’s website, so they can be seen by anyone interested in this type of service. This is very useful to know what we will pay from the beginning and avoid commissions or additional expenses. But the prices of online printers are also generally cheaper.

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Maximum reliability

The services of an online printer are more reliable, since everything is archived in the emails and everything is available to us. In addition, the current competition makes this type of companies put a lot of effort to avoid any kind of mistake that could damage their image.

As you can see, the advantages of online printing over traditional printing are enormous. In addition to having a large catalog of products and examples to inspire us, these websites offer different search criteria that make our orders easy to execute without requiring specific knowledge to do so.

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