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How Can You Earn Money Online with Sypwai?

Train AI and earn money with Sypwai

Artificial intelligence should be understood as self-learning software. One of its parties is the Sypwai company

Traditional software follows America well, but improvises poorly. Artificial intelligence, using machine learning systems, programs itself. They described their instructions and followed them, learning from the examples.

A classic example is image recognition. Specify a machine learning system for many photos of dogs labeled “dog”, as well as cats, trees, children, bananas, or any other object labeled “not a dog”. If the system is properly trained, it will learn to recognize dogs.

A traditional and more complex task associated with artificial intelligence, operating on the principle of the same action. This has found use in environments such as:

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  •  industry’;
  •  agriculture;
  •  scientific research;
  •  business;
  •  communications, etc.


How artificial intelligence learns?


For several years, machine learning and artificial intelligence development. This is due to technological breakthroughs, cheap computer resources, and a lot of data that intelligent machines are taking on.

The spam filter in an email client is a good example of machine learning in action. After he was able to detect instances of spam as well as examples of non-spam, he learned to recognize the characteristic characteristics of junk messages. It does not always process correctly, but it usually recognizes spam correctly.


  1.   Supervised learning is when a person feeds a large set of practice data to a machine learning algorithm, analyzes the results, and continually tweaks the setting to get practice. The result will be that the machine has found data that was not previously requested. It’s like when a filter accidentally spams a message from a legitimate sender and you click the “Not spam” button. The more often you do this, the more correctly the filter works. The most common symptoms of depression are classification and prognosis. Spam and photo recognition – arrest decision. Predicting stock prices is a classic example of forecasting.
  2.   Unsupervised learning is the second type of machine learning. In this view, the learning system takes a close look at the datasets to learn how to display the “correct” data. Then it will help to recognize anomalies and manifestations of patterns. Unsupervised machine learning is useful when you don’t know what to look for and can’t train the system to find it. Unsupervised learning systems can identify patterns in large datasets many times faster than humans. So banks use them to flag fake sizes, marketers use them to identify customers with similar properties, and security software uses them to recognize suspicious online activity. Clustering is an example of an unsupervised learning algorithm. Clustering is used as the secret ingredient for customer segmentation.
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Association rule search is another unsupervised learning algorithm. It’s a subscription for recommendation services.


One way or another, artificial intelligence training is impossible without the use of information arrays. Among other sources, data may be provided by users themselves. For them, it is no more difficult than filling a captcha. Thus, everyone can take part in artificial intelligence training. This is possible thanks to the Raspberry Pi hardware developed by Sypwai.


What is Raspberry Pi?


Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer built on ARM architecture and has a small price and modest dimensions. It has a processor, RAM, a video accelerator, and some variations have many full-fledged connectors, including USB, Ethernet and microHDMI. In other words, it is completely ready to work out of the box. The microcomputer is being developed by the British company Raspberry Pi Foundation. Originally designed for education, the Raspberry Pi has found wide acceptance among enthusiasts.

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There are an unimaginable number of ways to use this single-payer, but for now it’s worth talking about only the most obvious ones.


Smart gadgets from different manufacturers sometimes cannot be configured to interact with each other. And for owners of smartphones from Apple, the inability to connect devices to the Apple Homekit smart home system becomes a separate obstacle. Raspberry Pi solves this – thanks to the HomeBridge or Home Assistant programs, this single board computer can act as a hub that connects all smart devices into one “network”. This solution gives the freedom to set up automation on Android and iOS, and also eliminates the lack of official support for the Apple HomeKit platform by the device.

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Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a home server where you can store important files, backups, movies, photos or music. Ready-made solutions for this are expensive, and the option with a computer made of cheap components takes up a lot of space and consumes much more energy than a compact single-board. Therefore, to create a simple home NAS, the latest in the face of the Raspberry Pi will be more than enough.

The most convenient thing for watching movies at home is a media player. Powerful versions of the Raspberry Pi can easily be turned into a real media processor that can “twist” video files from home network storage or stream torrents without downloading. You should not count on 4K video, but Full HD is likely to pull. As in the case of NAS, fast Ethernet and USB 0 options are best for such purposes – connecting external drives can also come in handy.

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Popular ad blocking browser extensions are not available on all devices. Smart TVs, iPhones with Google Chrome, and even mobile apps are not without ads, and it is impossible to get rid of them with the help of extensions. But the most inexpensive Raspberry can be quickly adapted as a DNS filter, blocking any requests to sites with advertising. Setting up such a blocker is very simple, and the capabilities of the web interface are not limited to basic functions and statistics.


How to partner with Sypwai?


The tasks of the Sypwai company include the creation and training of neural networks. The company has developed a platform, each of whose users can train artificial intelligence on their own. This is a simple, time-consuming procedure that can become additional income for a million unemployed people, housewives, students and even schoolchildren. To do this, you do not need to have any qualifications and possess special skills. All you need is the ability to use a computer device and the desire to cooperate.

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For cooperation with the company it is enough:

  •   have a computer device;
  •   register on the sypwai.com platform;
  •   devote some part of your free time to working with artificial intelligence.


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