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Lifestyle: Major food trends in 2024

New year, new air, and also when it comes to food. And since food is a subject to which great attention is always devoted, at the beginning of 2024, studies and analyses on new trends in nutrition cannot be missing, with an eye to the old and new needs of those who, by setting their table every day, are attentive to their health and at the same time to their palate.


What will be the most popular food in the new year? Here are studies on market trends and healthy eating at home and in restaurants.

Besides, you can also add hemp seeds (a particular kind of cannabis seeds) to your diet to enjoy its many health benefits, as thousands of people are doing each day in the UK.

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But let’s start with 2024, a new food trend set to assert itself in the coming months.


How will we eat in 2024?

A critical study, the “Global Food and Drink Trends”, carried out by a global research company, has identified three crucial macro-trends for 2024 destined to assert themselves in the coming months because they reflect the needs and demands of the population on an international level.


The first is called ‘Trust the process’ and concerns the consumer’s trust in a brand. In this case, belief extends from the goodness of a brand’s product to the entire manufacturing process.

New technologies result in increasingly specialised and specific manufacturing techniques and processes that the consumer is only sometimes informed about. For example, the cultivation of ancient grains or stone milling may be unfamiliar; for this reason, appropriate communication to encourage an informed choice is essential.

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The second macro-trend is called ‘Age Reframed’ and concerns the theme of ageing: the concept of ageing is being redefined, with increasing attention being paid to prevention and healthy eating in an anti-ageing function, for example, to prevent certain diseases typical of advancing age, such as osteoporosis and rheumatic pains.


The third macro-trend, ‘Eating Optimised’, looks above all at convenience and ease of use to facilitate meal planning, management, and the organisation and purchase of food. Here, technology steps in and lends a hand with new opportunities that simplify meal preparation and time spent in front of the cooker.

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2024: the year of cultural contamination

Thanks to the great chefs, who are increasingly becoming a reference point not only in catering but also in home cooking, according to Time magazine’s culinary experts, 2024 will be the year of fusion cuisine, in which traditional recipes will meet with exotic elements, such as spices, tea leaves and tropical fruits that are still little known to us, such as dragon fruit, rambutan, longan, and pink guava.

Although it is treated with distrust in Italy, cultured meat is gaining increasing interest in the United States, and it is easy to imagine its spread, at least overseas. There is also growing interest in certain plant foods, such as certain varieties of mushrooms, which bring back the flavour and texture of meat and fish.

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Eating in restaurants in 2024

Finally, here are a few pointers for those who often eat in restaurants. According to a survey by TheFork, dining in 2024 will tend to be oriented around four guidelines.

Culinary Narratives will seek to respond to the desire for reconnection and authenticity as we continue to appreciate familiar and reassuring cuisine. We seek dishes that tell a story and chefs who contribute to preserving and evolving traditional knowledge. We also understand restaurants that unite us around traditional cultures, recipes and techniques worldwide.

The second trend, entitled ‘Nourishing the Body, Mind and Planet’ responds to the need to reconnect with the body and nature through food that is good for our health and that of the Earth, to be consumed in ‘therapeutic’ restaurants where cuisine is re-imagined from the ingredients to an experience that focuses on pleasure and well-being. ‘A virtuous culinary ecosystem’ is an ever-evolving trend, geared towards waste reduction, recycling, zero-kilometre ingredients and a fair policy. In short, cooking must be good, healthy, and virtuous.

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Finally, the ‘Culinary Show’ wants to satisfy the desire for entertainment with emotions and new sensations that are memorable and always to be shared. At the heart of this experience is the pop culture dictated by social media, which increasingly makes food a spectacle.


You now have a better idea of what to expect about food trends at home, and I recommend it in 2024, but we would also like to remind you about superfoods such as hemp and cannabis seeds. These new superfoods are now used by chefs worldwide, and customers are looking for the many benefits from the best natural products.

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