June 20


What effective processes can you use in your book marketing strategy?

Do you want to market your book in an effective way? Today, thanks to the advancement of technical aspects, you can use many strategies for promoting your self-published books. For self-promoting, you would require not just to write good books but also to market in the proper way. The first step is to set up a book marketing strategy to move forward. Here is a comprehensive list of key modules that are effective and affordable to advance your marketing strategy.


Preparing ARCs

Preparing ARCs are an essential technique for promoting your book. ARCs stand for Advance review copies which are simply referred to as electronic copies of the completed book. You would like to send these ARCs to various book reviewers, booksellers, or other people in your network who would like to read your book. Having an ARC would be helpful if you plan on bringing them to various events or readings to create a buzz for your upcoming book publications.

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Set up Author’s Website


Don’t limit your book promotion possibilities to the physical level. You can get on with using the online space by building an author’s website. This is where the curious readers can find out more information about you and your work that is best for your book marketing.

The website would make your self-publishing process more convenient as it would home all the links to your social media channels, schedule an itinerary of all your books, various links to your book reviews, etc. You can find it a little troublesome to build your website as it distracts you from becoming more creative and developing as a writer. So you can hire an expert to build your platform.

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Publish tip sheets


Tip sheets are another form of your book marketing strategy which can be rather helpful in the process of your book promotion. Generally, most tip sheets go along with the ARCs when you distribute them or as hand-outs. These are some one-page informative contents that include all your relevant sales information for your book, like your ISBN if you are an independent publisher, the book description, book-length, publication date, and more. You should prepare a comprehensive, relevant, and engaging tip sheet to sell the book faster.


Writing blogs and advantage of social media platforms


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There is no underestimating the value of content marketing. Today, the majority of tech-savvy readers invest time in reading various blogs and articles. If you are an author with storylines falling along with your target audiences, then adding blogs to the author’s website can keep the readers interested in your work and what themes or concepts for your book you publish on various online platforms like Crave Books. Moreover, social media platforms can be a valuable asset to your book marketing strategy that could build your presence as an author. Hence, you can invest in social media marketing outlets such as Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, and more.

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Book marketing and appropriate promotion are essential for getting your book the appropriate traction when you are self-publishing your books. The majority of the small and medium-level independent publishers don’t spend on extravagant book marketing campaigns due to working on limited budgets. Hopefully, the above elements can be helpful for you to get the maximum traction for your book that it deserves.


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